Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Celebrating Life: Put Something In: Firesong

Today, I cleaned up barf while other life efforts seemed to drown in a rank abyss. I was once again reminded of my gratitude for cleaners, washing machines, Scentsy, essential oils, and all of you who have made my life a little more joyful, adventurous, or fun by "Put(ting) Something In." (Shel Silverstein)
I love those crazy pictures, and reading those nutty poems, I love hearing or singing those mumble-gumble songs, though I must admit, I've never tried whistling through a comb. (Have you?) I love watching loony-goony dances (or better yet, doing one of my own.)
On days like this, I feel extra gratitude for you who dare to put something silly/crazy/nutty/loony in the world! And instead of keeping my gratitude to myself, I thought I should share it with an enormous public...

-If you've read Firesong, does the line 'do a loony-goony dance 'cross the kitchen floor' remind you of Maggy cooking? I wish I could reach into the story and pull out some of her creations right now!


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