Thursday, April 21, 2016

Celebrating Life with Fantasy: Strixy the Snowy Owl from Wingsong, Danaan Legacy

I wish I had a Strixy in my life. An owl with an unusually long lifespan and legendary owlish wisdom, but most of all with whom I could communicate and even see through her eyes while experiencing her flight. Even though I don't have Lissy's abilities to do so, at least I can still be inspired and captivated by the majesty and beauty of the snowy owl.
I love to collect pictures that remind me of Strixy. Here are a few from my collection.
Intimidating and majestic at all?
(one of my all-time favorites!)
Snowy owl:

Gorgeous take off!
{Daniel Behm Photography}:

This could be Strixy, searching for intruders or communicating with Lissy
Snowy Owl in flight:
What do you think this could represent? Strixy's family, friends, planning meeting?

 This could be Strixy guarding Lissy's room
❄ A MidWinter's Night's Dream ❄... Winterland Snowy Owl... By Artist SuliannH on DeviantART...:

I hope you enjoyed these images! I love being surrounded by the beauty of nature, art or fantasy. I'd love to see your favorite Snowy Owl images. Please share!

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