Saturday, July 11, 2015

Love Signs: Kuna Lavender Festival Sampler

Lavender Festival,
held at Marie Willis's farm in the Kuna, Idaho area. (2871 Stroeble Road)
Saturday-Sunday, July 11-12 2015, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
My mom brought over the Kuna Melba News with an article about the festival, and we knew we couldn't miss it. Here is a link celebrating five years of the Lavender Festival.

We were guided to the location by attractive eye-catching signs.

After Mom and I parked in a grassy field, fragrant lavender wafted on the slight breeze alluring us to bee-line it over to the lavender fields. While following our noses toward the field, we were able to quickly orient to the festival contents, thanks to these directions...

Including: Make and Take Booth, Food (Don't miss the lavender lemonade!), Artisans, U-pick, etc.

Almost as soon as we saw the field of lavender with its basket-laden occupants, feeding our artistic souls, I realized that there was actually an entire row of artists along one edge!

Of course we had to go visit them right away. While enjoying the diverse mediums and styles, we wished we had time to chat with each artist. Fortunately, we were able to visit with a few and they kindly agreed to let me take pictures and post their projects. (Did you know there is an artist group call Plein-Air Painters of Idaho? Check out their website, which is being renovated, to learn more about the inexpensive classes taught and their painting adventures can also check them out at

Artist Sampler...

 Kevin Hughes, 208 377-3961
Artist, Kevin Hughes
Susan Ward, 208-286-9272,
Artist, Susan Ward
Christina Karras
Artist, Christina Karras
 Dee Miller,, 208 343-3635
Artist, Dee Miller
Nadene Kranz, 360-721-4545
Artist, Nadene Kranz

Les Herman,, 208-863-7275
Artist, Les Herman

As we walked away, heavy drops of rain rapidly changed from spattering to a deluge. We ran to the nearest booth seeking cover. Protected from the elements, we got to see the artistic endeavors of a glass artist.

Not only are Emmy's (Her business, SurlyMermaid at creations beautiful, she told us about a place in Eagle, Idaho, where we can go to learn or even just dabble. Projects start at $10 and the staff and setting are reportedly supportive and fun. (Fusions Glass Studio, on 135 N 2nd St, Eagle). Along with jewelry, she has spoon rests, sun catchers, and other dishes. 

Meandering to the next booth, we discovered fun creations for my daughter's dolls (Barbie and American Girl Doll) along with other sewn and crocheted projects. I couldn't leave without a cape for her doll (Shhh! No telling! It's for her birthday) and my mom bought a cute gingham smock.

Gail McLean, Sewing Art, 208-898-9894,
Gail McLean,  Sewing Art includes smocks, purses, and other items
Sewing Art doll clothing, etc.
While in that booth, we spotted The Hat Lady, Lois. She and her husband run a business called Hats to You, website: where she has fabulous pictures of hats as well as more contact information.

Mom, me, and Lois, The Hat Lady
We had a little too much fun with her hats, oversized headbands, and barrettes. (We did not walk away empty-handed. If you come to one of my book signings, I may be sporting something fun.)

I've heard of felting, but haven't seen it used before with such artistry. These works of art , by Laurale J. Neal,, are everything from collector's pin cushions, to cuffs, to gorgeous purses. My photos don't do them justice. 
Laurale J. Neal, Signature Fiber Art, Felted Purses and Pillows

Last of Laurale J. Neals, five blue ribbons purses left!
I also love the quote she posted...

About this time, my energy fizzled, so it was time to check out the lavender lemonaide. The infused lavender was just right, not overpowering, but complimenting the lemon.

Lavender Lemonaide. Oh, yeah, super YUUUMYYY!

There was so much I wish I had time to see, but as the title indicates, this was just a sampler of what was available. I hope if you don't make it this year, you make it next.

By the way, this is just the kind of function my characters, Aunt Kathy and Crystal, from Love Signs: Farm Help Wanted (my clean country romance), would attend with their art and wares.

Love Signs: Farm Help Wanted, 

 seeking and sharing hope and beauty amidst darkness...
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