Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shine and Fly

Finding sources of light, beauty, truth, hope, and inspiration is one of my great joys and hobbies. (Maybe more than a hobby :D) When one of these treasures finds its way into my life, resonating deep within my soul, it helps me fight other uglier attributes and issues surrounding me. This helps me feel like I'm closer to flying, unburdened (or at least less burdened) by the weight of life's trials and concerns. (Because in my dream world, not only do my thoughts fly, but I can fly, with or without a dragon!)
I chose the hashtag key word, #soulflight, to put with posts for my YA fantasy series, The Danaan Legacy (Wingsong, book one; Firesong, book two, and upcoming Watersong, book three) because not only is the main character, Lissy, on her own journey and soul flight, but I feel we all can choose to find ways to help our souls fly, helping others fly by our own journey to do so.
What are you doing to help your soul fly? Are you finding joy in your life? Are you seeking light? Have you found passions to pursue? Do you dream? Strive to achieve goals? Are you creating? Beautifying? Are you seeking to honor what goodness others are willing to share? Is your soul flight lifting others as well as yourself?
While trying to teach my family, as well as gathering sources to remind and inspire myself, my husband and I decided to daily read a quote with the family for a week at a time during the nine weeks of summer break. Most of these nine quotes are short, so we can wrap our minds around the ideas, but this first quote by Marianne Williamson is well worth its length.
Every time I read this quote, I am lifted, strengthened, and invigorated. (If you don't believe in God, please insert whatever greater power in which you believe, just please don't dismiss what beauty you can glean from her inspiring words.)
What helps lift you? How does your soul fly? Please share!

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