Sunday, April 19, 2015

Featuring...Shop Hop at Nancy's Quilts: Love Signs

In my romance, Love Signs: Farm Help Wanted, Crystal creates items to sell at her booth at the Farmer's Market. I have a feeling she is often inspired (like me) by her Aunt Nancy (like my Aunt Nancy...funny how that works, *wink*). In my second Love Signs book, Nancy's Quilts is featured during Shop Hop time.

During Shop Hop, each shopper gets a Shop Hop passport and card for discounts and information at the first shop visited. At the last of the twelve shops, the card (with all twelve stamps), is turned into the drawing for a grand prize. Exciting right!
See my blog on Nancy's Quilts to see glimpses of her shop and a few examples of available projects. Remember Nancy's Quilts isn't just open for the Shop Hop! (see end of blog for hours)
This doesn't just feel like shopping, it feels like a party!
Don't forget your treats
free prize!
or your Linus Block from each shop

after all, it is for a good cause! 
Here is a fun glimpse behind the scenes.
Nancy and her co-conspirator, Sherry, fell in love with some of the new line of fabrics.
Sherry snatched a few moments to begin whipping a project together. 
I hope to share an update later! (Sherry does beautiful machine embroidery as well!)
This year the Shop Hop tour bus came on Saturday.
What a fun and enthusiastic (and polite!) group of quilters!

Contact information:
Nancy's Quilts
 Regular Hours
Tuesday - Friday
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
2015 Shop Hop Hours
April 16-25
9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
also available,
Young Adult Fantasy series
The Danaan Legacy
Wingsong (Book One) Firesong (Book Two)

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