Saturday, April 18, 2015

Featuring...Nancy's Quilts: Love Signs

One of my favorite field trips is going to Nancy's Quilts. Nancy inspired my character, Nancy (surprised?) in Love Signs: Farm Help Wanted. (Can't you see Love Sign's Aunt Kathy and Crystal wandering around the store conspiring with Nancy on new products to sell at the local Farmer's Market?)

In my next book (teaser alert), her shop is featured! Super excited! I didn't want to wait until then to share a blog about her fun projects.

...Look at the cute aprons Nancy made for her help to wear (especially during Shop Hop times which are in April and October). She even has her new Website embroidered on it! Clever (and fancy) Nancy!...

I love Nancy's shop. And guess what? I've never made a quilt. I've helped tie quilts and helped quilt quilts, but I haven't joined the ranks of quilter. That's okay. Nancy has more projects than quilts. I took a couple pictures as examples, though she has much more, including fancy scarf yarns, wall hangings, even banners. As you look around the shop's multiple rooms, maybe you'll hear the fabric and notions whispering, maybe even shouting at you about their potential.

Meet Nancy...
Not only is she great with piecing, color schemes, and instructing, she has a wicked fun sense of humor!
(Look at the cute wall hangings behind her!)

Nancy helped (and continues to help) teach me to sew, as well as teaching my daughter to sew an adorable two (or three if wanted) toned pillowcase in one of her classes.

Now to her rooms and projects!

Main room fun!

Some of the smaller projects
After enjoying the many fabric and pattern choices in the main room, don't forget the two rooms down the hall... 
...and yarns

Juvenile room with doll, kid, bib, blanket and other patterns
and projects, fun fabrics...
Ready for sleigh bells and hot chocolate?
 The year-round Christmas room!!!
There are so many choices I usually stand in the room,
spinning around and around.
Nancy even has Disney's Frozen fabrics and projects!
There are beautiful table runners, wall hangings and pillows. 
On the other side of her shop, don't miss her notions and class room.

If it isn't open, ask about visiting the Bargain Barn (part of Nancy's) on the other side of the driveway!

A cute organizing bag. My size of project!
Another my kind of project!
Zipper organizer pouches.
Little cash pouches!

Contact information:
Nancy's Quilts
 Regular Hours
Tuesday - Friday
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
2015 Shop Hop Hours
April 16-25
9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
also available,
Young Adult Fantasy series
The Danaan Legacy
Wingsong (Book One) Firesong (Book Two)

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