Friday, March 13, 2015

Wingsong Loves Owl City's Plant Life

I turned on Pandora today to help inspire me as I knocked out some pretty heavy edits to one of my WIPs after some late night inspiration. I don't know much about the group, Owl City, except they were recommended to me, so I added their station. As soon as this song came on, my fingers stopped moving. I was arrested by the words, the sounds, the different meanings possible.

I couldn't help but notice how the lyrics apply to Lissy's journey in Wingsong and the other books in Danaan Legacy. Life can feel pretty dead sometimes, covered in sheets, dusty, even full of spiderwebs...but we can grow just like Owl City's daisies pushing through the floor. Push past the darkness. Push past the spider webs. Push past the fear. Find hope, find passion, find a way to make a difference and stretch your wings and fly or even as the lyrics say, waltz through the forest! Sing and shine if you can find any way possible. The more our soul's fly, the more we can build, dream, and lift others! It isn't always possible, and if you can't right now, hold on until you can.

I'm posting the Owl City YouTube link to a live recording of Plant Life. I hope it inspires you to 'bust' out of your own 'haunted house,' whatever that might be! (If you love the song as much as I do, don't forget to give the artists some love by paying and downloading it from your favorite provider.)

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