Monday, December 1, 2014

You are WONDER WOMAN (or SUPER MAN): Fake it till you make it! A gift to yourself and others!

I love the fun and power associated with super heroes. Since childhood I've loved Wonder Woman. I thought if I concentrated hard enough while spinning I could be an awesome Amazon champion too. Unfortunately, my concentration levels haven't been enough. So, instead, I love wearing super hero apparel.

(This is my belt buckle my brother gave me. LOVE IT!)

I even wore Wonder Woman Footies to the PajamaRama Book Signing! (At the IndieRecon Live in Utah with Eva Pohler...another Wonder Woman.) I had so much fun!

When I was still in the single digits, I made paper cut outs and taped them all over, bracelets, and believe it or not lips. (wish I had a picture to share of those!) Yes. Lips. Wonder Woman has powerful lips. Through them she can talk sense to the insensible or even those longing for sense! Bringing me to a gift I want to share with you!

Several months ago, my friend posted a link to this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy, entitled Your body language shapes who you are. I have since used Amy Cuddy's tips many times. I love how I feel empowered by my own actions. How the Wonder Woman pose can take me from jittery to feeling fun. During this holiday season, give yourself and others the gift of amping up your confidence, so you can be that magnificent person you sometimes hide or curl around protectively! This is one of the times where 'fake it till you make it' is absolutely okay to embrace!

Wonder Woman (and Superman) here to save the day!!! (Link to YouTube of theme song to get you pumped up!)


  1. Remembering to do the Wonder Woman, head up, hands on hips, pose has been life changing!


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