Saturday, October 11, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop Firesong Teaser

It's fun looking forward to the eleventh of each month! I get to search through my published works as well as those in progress to choose seven lines to share with you for the Seven 11 Blog Hop. Wait! There's even more fun. I have links to other authors doing the same! Isn't this such a fun opportunity to possibly find a new favorite author, book, or even series?!

Now, let's get to the teaser!
Excerpt from...
Firesong, book two of the Danaan Legacy 


Gasping, she realized his hands were pulled behind him and his legs bound. She heard the crunch and more dirt and rocks rained on them. She threw herself over James to cover him.

"Do not panic," the commanding voice broke into laughter. "In moments we will pull you from the pit with your pathetic creature. We will deliver you whole." More snow bombarded her. "You just stay put a few more minutes until my...." A sickening gurgling sound replaced the sinister words.

Lissy dug through the snow around James' partially buried head. She caressed his face. "James! Wake up!"

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