Thursday, September 11, 2014

SEVEN 11 Blog Hop Featuring Firesong

It's so exciting to choose seven lines from my works to share with you for the Seven 11 Blog Hop!
I also have links to several other authors sharing seven line excerpts from their works.

Don't miss reading to the end for a GIVEAWAY by SM Boyce and Janet Wallace.
Isn't this such a fun opportunity to possibly find a new favorite author, book, or even series?!

For this month's fun posting of seven lines, I chose an exchange between Lissy and the character she nicknamed 'Superman' when he swooped in to save her life without sharing his name or her seeing his face.

Firesong, book two of the Danaan Legacy 

Hah! I don't have to eat alone!
I never told you I wanted you to eat alone. Come find me already. 
You have the advantage, Superman. You know who I am. 
Don't underestimate yourself. I'm not the only one with 'superpowers.' Use your abilities to find me. Urgh! You are so frustrating. 
But don't you agree a challenge makes you appreciate the prize that much better? 
If I wasn't inside your head, those words would have been so... 

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SEVEN 11 Blog Hop FUN!!!!

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