Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop Firesong

It's already been a whole month since our debut Seven 11 Blog Hop! I'm loving it! A quick reminder, every month on the 11th, I am participating in the blog hop by sharing seven random lines from my works. Sometimes from already published works, and sometimes teasers from what I'm currently creating.

NOT ONLY THAT! I will be linking to several other authors doing the same! What a fun way to get glimpses of authors and works that may be your next favorites! These are authors from a variety of genres. To learn more about them, check out their websites or look them up on Amazon. (Everything from YA to Romance, so make sure it is appropriate for your reading preferences.) Don't forget to check out the GIVEAWAY by SM Boyce!

Today I've chosen to share from Firesong, book two in the Young Adult Fantasy, Danaan Legacy. Firesong was released last month! HOORAY!!!

Seven lines from Firesong...

"...If my soul were in the sky, I would fly and hope."

Lissy had never spoken like that before, and she wondered where it came from. Did my link with the birds and beasts do this? Did their thoughts expand my thoughts, enlighten me, unlock my previously stammering tongue? Have I found that voice that only a few days ago I longed for while sitting on the school bus fuming about Uncle Mavis and my lack of voice, hiding from one of his cronies? Was it really only a few days ago?

After a long moment, applause interrupted the silence, after which whispers filled the room. 
(p. 83)

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Hope this Blog Hop is an exciting adventure for you!

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Special thanks to Amanda Aksel for organizing this fun blog hop!


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