Sunday, January 11, 2015

Seven 11 Blog Hop Love Signs Teaser

This is such a fun way to begin 2015. I get to share an excerpt from my upcoming release, Love Signs, for this month's Seven 11 Blog Hop.
Don't forget to check out the other authors in the hop. If you click on the author name links not only can you discover new favorites, they have other authors listed that are for readers over eighteen. Make sure you read to the end, I have a link to Heather Hildenbrand's GIVEAWAY!
Love Signs is a clean country romance, my first to be published outside the fantasy realm. I AM EXCITED! I love living in fantasy worlds, but this world was fun to imagine as well. Its setting is my version of where I live. I was able to research (as well as imagine) how the area was when my Grandma lived here, my mom, and how it has grown in my lifetime.
I tried to pull feelings from each era into the story to make it have the sense of timelessness I feel here, even though we have become a booming bedroom town for our capital. I wanted to share with you a touch of the beauty surrounding me: the fields sprouting, growing, being harvested; the gorgeous colors in our Idaho sunrises and sunsets and the old rickety farms along with the new ones. Or how about the old country downtown with its repurposed movie theater, park named after Bernard F. Fisher, an awesome war hero (who is extra special to me, since he performed my marriage to my sweetheart), and the movers and shakers who bring us great small businesses, education, sports and other opportunities for our rising generation.
Here are the seven lines from my upcoming release, Love Signs...
When I glanced back as I left the store, he was still watching me. I grinned, oddly embarrassed to be caught, and managed to wave a finger at him, my hands occupied with the grocery sacks.
Despite my embarrassment, I looked once more as I pulled out of the parking spot. He was talking with someone. Someone I recognized, to my dismay, as the only face in Kuna I hated to see. Lindsay.
“Of course.” My anger surprised me. What does it matter? I'd always liked tall, dark and handsome. Clean cut, short hair. Not this man, sun bleached and amber-eyed, with unshaven face and broad shoulders filling his motorcycle jacket. He wasn’t my type.
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