Thursday, November 7, 2013


Don’t even think about crossing out that word. I know some people think it is a tired word, and it should be, at least in my world. Only because I use it up and wear it out because I am in AWE all the time!
One of the things I love doing most, along with scribbling, imagining, seeing great scenery and being with loved ones, is watching and hearing about you incredible people.
I love hearing stories of heroic acts even if it is as simple as a mom somehow surviving her day juggling a million activities. You talented people who bake or are mechanically inclined, who are tech savvy, who act, who volunteer to help at everything from schools to helping clean our environment, who garden and can, who know how to organize and decorate your houses and craft, who construct structures, who mentor and teach others, who go on outings, who are great at camping, you cowboys and cowgirls with all your animal wrangling know-how and farming expertise (p.s. thanks for feeding us!J) , and how about you globe-trotters?
I love hearing people express themselves in song, in word, in art, in dance, and other mediums. You athletes, academics, historians and theologians, how can I help but use that tired word? I can’t help being in awe and hopefully won’t offend those who think ‘awe’ should be stricken from writing forever.
I love watching people do what they do best. And I thank you for doing so with all my heart (that is ever-expanding because of your examples of love and caring along with your talents). Thank you for bringing beauty and comfort into our world! For putting yourselves out there, for each sacrifice, effort, goal set, and inspiration, I am in awe!
So PLEASE don’t let the ‘failures’ and disheartening words from others stop you. Let’s just keep celebrating each success. And don’t forget, that though others may not be telling you, there really is a lot of awe going around. So even if the word is frayed around the edges from too much usage, I’m going to ignore any stuffy advice to avoid using it and continue to be in awe of all of your fabulousness!

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  1. Beautiful post, Alicia -- and a wonderful reminder of all that is right in our somewhat broken world. I, too, am in AWE! :)


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