Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kryptonite versus Kyptonite HELP! AND ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

The nightmares and mysteries of editing! You think you have used a fine-toothed comb and what do you find? Those dreaded errors, some you are certain you didn’t have.
How about leaving out the ‘r’ in Kryptonite? I looked it up to make sure I wouldn’t dishonor Superman’s home planet or his ultimate natural weakness. Then I slowly typed it in and looked at it several times. I know it was correct. I don’t know how it got lost. Maybe it becomes a completely different and harmless substance without that ‘r’ and the superpowers of the universe removed it as an act of respect for that incredible man of steel.
So here’s something I didn’t know until I published; my publishing company can still make corrections. I only have to submit what needs changed and then take it off the market a short time. Voila! Errors fixed.
So, don’t let those pesky little letters, italics, or annoying commas distract you from tales you are reading. Enjoy them! If you do, let the author know; a sentence, a paragraph, a really nice review, all are like a standing ovation and encore at a performance. Performers are not the only applause junkies.
The nice part is, if errors bother you, you can let the author know privately, so they can make changes without it becoming part of the more permanent reviews. Ah! The things I learn on this fabulous journey!
I will soon be submitting some editing changes, but would like to do them in a group. If you notice some little ticky-tacks (about which I’m still shaking my head) let me know privately (DM on Twitter or message on Facebook) and we’ll get things tidied up. Isn’t it fun to know you can still honor an author as well as helping them polish their work so it shines more brightly?
Thanks again to those who continue to support me. I’ve had such wonderful comments and so much sharing! And you writers out there, I would love to hear some fun editing stories!

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