Friday, May 17, 2013


I’m so excited to introduce (impressive imaginary drum roll inserted)...  

When her parents mysteriously disappear, fear saturates Lissy's world. An overprotective but loving grandmother assumes the role of vigilant guardian with an intense list of guidelines.

So many rules threaten to smother her. She has ever-changing hair colors, new identities, and no friends allowed home...always in the name of protection. But from what? Before she finds out, her grandmother takes all her secrets, and all Lissy's answers, to the grave.

The only person left in her life, her cruel uncle, abandons safety measures exposing her to deepening dangers. Dark forces, including the sudden appearance of a menacing stranger, relentlessly move against her. In an astonishing turn, gloom and treachery are pierced with a shining new hope. Lissy discovers she can converse with the birds and ride the wind. Unleashing these abilities summons mysterious strangers who profess to be helping Lissy. How can she tell who is a friend, and who is an enemy? Will she be strong enough to confront her fears and make a safe haven in her world?
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Special thanks to those who coached and tussled into one little blurb what took me an entire novel to write: Angela Abderhalden, Jason Wilcox, Deborah Kirley, Devri Walls, J. Scott Sharp, Lindi Affleck and my family!


  1. I loved your book and I can't wait to find out what happens next!!! If I didn't have kids and work, it would have been finished the same day I got it, but as it is I stayed up way too late a couple nights and finished it in the morning! When is your next installment due to be published? Soon, I hope! <3 Annie Moffett

    1. Sooo glad you enjoyed! I'm working on two & three now. Trying to get it to my publisher a month ago! ;-)


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