Monday, March 11, 2013

Being surrounded by stories is so tantalizing!

Being surrounded by stories is so tantalizing. There are true stories churning everywhere. Not only on the bookshelves I treasure, and in the books I know I will never see, but there are stories I realize I can never know teeming in peoples' minds or in animal and insect minds and perhaps even stamped in the spaces around me. And what about the almost unfathomable content of cyberspace? Too many stories are held in places that have a language I haven't yet discovered.

Then there are fiction stories. Many from the same type of sources. I can't forget the ones battering my mind waiting for their chance to be uttered or recorded in some form.

How many through the ages have been in love with stories, or have at least, at some point, had a love affair with a story. Dear stories, I wish I had time for more of you!

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