Love Signs
COMING SOON...Love Signs: Terminal Ahead (Book Two) 
Love Signs: Farm Help Wanted
~Book One~
 If Crystal foresaw Jess rolling into town the same morning she hung a simple sign requesting farm help for her ailing uncle, she probably would have waited another day. Now, she fights attraction to this stranger that her aunt welcomes into their lives, a man she insists is not her type.

She doesn’t know how to trust her heart again after her high school sweetheart’s life-shattering betrayal is discovered just before his untimely death. To make matters worse, her intrusive adversary from high school continues to torment her.

A flaming rescue forges a bond between Jess and Crystal. They are drawn into a mystery of an abandoned child from the fire. Will this new threat along with Crystal's tormentor tear apart their fragile relationship? When the smoke clears, will love survive?
Danaan Legacy

~Book One~

When her parents mysteriously disappear, fear saturates Lissy's world. An overprotective but loving grandmother assumes the role of vigilant guardian with an intense list of guidelines.

So many rules threaten to smother her. She has ever-changing hair colors, new identities, and no friends allowed home...always in the name of protection. But from what? Before she finds out, her grandmother takes all her secrets, and all Lissy's answers to the grave.

The only person left in her life, her cruel uncle, abandons safety measures exposing her to deepening dangers. Dark forces, including the sudden appearance of a menacing stranger, relentlessly move against her.

In an astonishing turn, gloom and treachery are pierced with a shining new hope. Lissy discovers she can converses with the birds and ride the wind. Unleashing these abilities summons mysterious strangers who profess to be helping Lissy. How can she tell who is a friend, and who is an enemy? Will she be strong enough to confront her fears and make a safe haven in her world?

~Book One~

Having survived a harrowing journey to a new homeland, Lissy is introduced to the wonders of her surroundings. While discovering new acquaintances and places she didn't believe existed, Lissy decides to stretch her wings and determine who she is when not hiding in shadows. Danger has been part of Lissy's life for as long as she can remember. She is tired of being saved--of being the damsel in distress.

Lissy implores her latest guardians for a chance to learn how to help protect herself and others. Not understanding their hesitation, Lissy hopes her new acquaintances will support her attempts to become more independent as well as to assist her efforts in finding out more about her parents' disappearance.

Even with Lissy's frustration that Strixy, the snowy owl, has been blocking her attempts to communicate, Lissy discovers other abilities and knowledge, some of which are terrifying. Will Lissy dare follow the burning desires of her heart though severe anguish is foretold? Will the fire under the mountain or the flames of her foes destroy her?

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